Tack Available for Rental
Tack will always be added.  Some pieces may be out.
Inquire as to availability before sending payments.
When indicating which tack you would like, send me all pertinent info, as well as
expected days renting.  The sample is figuring for a 14 day rental.
Name Color Fits Models Value Daily Rental Sample
Western Tack
Bosal with simple silver bead hanger natural (light) with
black mecate
Most Trads $35.00 $0.35 $4.90
Show Stopper Double Ear w/ etched buckles Light oil and silver Most Trad.
inc PS WP
$45.00 $0.45 $6.30
Plain Rio Rondo Saddle w/ Small silver plates Dark Oil, some 
Most Trad. $80.00 $0.80 $12.20
Deluxe Western Pleasure Saddle LOTS Silver
Hold: New style coming, w/ square corners!
Light Oil Most Trad. $250.00 $2.50 $35.00
Western Working Breastcollar Dark Oil Most Trad 
(esp Larger)
$15.00 $0.15 $2.10
Working Western Bridle w/ Tie Down Dark Oil Most Trad $20.00 $0.20 $2.80
English Tack
All-Purpose English Saddle, w/ cinch, blanket
Live Show Proven and NAN qualified.
Dark Oil Classics
Chaney resins
$30.00 $0.30 $4.20
English Bridle, Full Cheek Snaffle Dark Oil Classic $10.00 $0.10 $1.40
English Kimberwicke Dark Oil Traditional $15.00 $0.15 $2.10
English Saddle: Good for Huntseat, low-level dressage, saddleseat equitation, etc. Has criss-cross girth. Black Traditional $50.00 $0.50 $7.00
English Full Cheek Snaffle
Very fine leather
Natural Traditional
$45.00 $0.45 $6.30
Other Tack
Basic Indian Warrior Costume with Necklace and fur saddle with cinch and war bridle Dark Traditioanl $30.00 $0.30 $4.20
Accessories and Dolls/Clothes
Props and Obstacles
Jump Standards, show legal w/ wire cups, pr White Traditional $15.00 $0.15 $2.10
Jumps Standards, show legal w/ wire cups, pr Natural Traditional $15.00 $0.15 $2.10
Set of poles, (2) Natural Traditional $4.00 $0.04 $0.56
Trail Bridge Green/White Trad/Class $10.00 $0.10 $1.40

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